How to Spice Up Going Solo

22 Dec

Whether you do it once a day or once a month, masturbation can become a routine.

You’ve probably gotten it down to an exact science. I’m sure you have your favourite porn searches, favourite toys, and favourite positions. Because hey, who doesn't love efficiency. Sometimes all you need is a little stress relieving quickie with yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a wonderful thing to know your body so well you can command orgasms at will, but there can also be a little romance to it.

Think of it as another way to pamper yourself. But instead of a bubble bath with candles and wine, you’re having orgasms.

Actually, the bubble bath might be a good start…

Dress Up
Put on something that makes you feel sexy. Look good feel good applies to everything. Putting in the extra effort of putting on your favourite lingerie, or maybe even using a little of your favourite bondage gear can be a great form of foreplay.

Change of Scenery
You probably have a regular masturbation spot, whether that’s in bed, or in front of your computer, but finding somewhere new to get down to it might just be the added thrill you need. Especially if there is a risk of getting caught.

New Sensations
Even if you are experienced in exploring all of your pleasure centres, chances are that you haven’t done it in a while. Remind yourself what everything feels like. Try new combos. Maybe if you’re a clitoral stimulation fan, add some nipple play or anal stimulation to the equation.

Try using lube if you don’t usually.

If you have a toy in the bottom of your night stand that you discounded as “not for you” give it another try, maybe you’ll like it this time. Or in combination with another toy.

Or a new toy all together.

As with everything, our likes, preferences, and needs can change throughout life. It’s important to keep up with ourselves.

You are the one in charge of your pleasure. Knowing what you like solo will benefit you with a partner.

Have fun, stay safe!