24 Nov

Let’s talk about lube! Lubrication! Getting slippery! Okay, in all seriousness, I love lube. I know I know - “I’m wet enough on my own I don’t need lube” yea, same here. But I still use lube all the time. Here’s why lube is a great addition whether you are going solo or with (a) partner(s)

Not everyone produces the same amount of self lubrication, so yes some people do need a little help. But even if you have a waterfall between your legs, that waterfall doesn't last forever. Have you ever been going at it for a long time and then things start to get a little uncomfortable? That’s because you stopped self-lubricating. It’s not like a tap that will keep running as long as you need it. So if you do really want to keep going, then lube is what will help you do that. Also, you don’t always produce the same amount of self-lubrication. Sometimes all you get is a trickling stream.

If you are using condoms, they can dry out and get uncomfortable or even break. Lube will keep your condoms slippery and intact longer. 

If you are partaking in anal play, unlike the vagina, there is no self lubrication and you will definitely want lube. And probably more of it than you think you need. 

If you are using toys, whether on your own or with help, lots of toys have very grippy materials which could be uncomfortable. Lube will make this activity a lot smoother. 

If masturbating with nothing but your own hand, or hands, is more your flavour lube can provide new sensations. Who said you can't switch things up with yourself?

If you are still not convinced that lubes will benefit you for lubrication purposes, there are a bunch of other options out there for lubes with added functionality that might interest you. Like warming or cooling, sensitizing or desensitizing, tingling, or flavoured.

So with all that said, let’s talk a bit about the different kinds of lubes there are! It doesn’t matter what brand you are shopping, all lubes will fit into one of these categories! 

Water-based Lubes

  • Thinnest and most watery in consistency 

  • Easiest to clean

  • Less likely to be sticky

  • Will dry out the fastest, BUT you can keep a cup of actual water near by and use that to re-activate the lube 

  • Safe with all toys

  • Safe with all condoms

Silicone-based Lubes

  • Thickest in consistency 

  • Harder to clean 

  • More likely to be sticky 

  • Long lasting 

  • NOT safe with silicone toys

  • Safe with all condoms

  • “Anal specific” lubes are silicone based

Hybrid Lubes (Water and Silicone)

  • Middle consistency

  • Easier to clean than silicone, not as easy as water

  • Less likely to be sticky 

  • Long lasting 

  • NOT safe with silicone toys 

  • Safe with all condoms 

Oil-based Lubes

  • Thicker in consistency 

  • Harder to clean

  • More likely to be sticky

  • Long lasting

  • Safe with most toys (except latex)

  • NOT safe with latex or polyisoprene condoms

  • Safe with polyurethane and lambskin (lambskin does not prevent STIs)

  • WARNING: Oil can cause bacteria when used internally which can cause infections

* Within every category there are exceptions. One of the thickest lubes out there is Pink Unity which is a Hybrid. Anal sex does not require silicone lube, any lube will do. It’s about personal preference.

*Pay close attention to the ingredients used in flavoured lubes to make sure they are safe to use internally. 

*I do not personally recommend the use of oil-based lubes. 

There are so many lube brands out there, and there is something for everyone. Shop around and figure out your idea type of lube.

I personally always go for water-based because I like not having to worry about my toys or my sheets and generally prefer the texture. My personal favourite so far is Gun Oil

A recommendation for those that might be more sensitive is Blossom Organics

A lube I would not recommend is K-Y. This lube was developed for medical exams and is not designed for lasting through sex. 

If you're looking for a natural, organic, vegan, body-safe lubricant, check out Sliquid (and use code ' sexfairy10 ' at checkout for 10% off your purchase.)

Now, go forth and try some lube! Stay safe and have fun!