Picking Your First Sex Toy

14 Sep

Alright, so you have decided it’s time to see what the world of adult toys has to offer. It’s a large, incredible, sometimes questionable world with so many possibilities.

Make sure you are giving it some serious thought. Go to a couple stores and look online before making a decision. Make sure that you are looking at high quality toys made with body safe materials and good electronics. These will cost more, but last you a long time.

Read the packaging! Medical grade silicone, ABS plastic, phthalate free plastic, elastomer, glass, and medical grade metals are what you should be looking for.

You also want to making sure you’re look for non-porous materials. Porous materials can hold onto bacteria and cause infections.

If you are wanting an electric toy, decide if you want rechargeable or battery powered. Both have pros and cons.

Battery powered toys don’t need time to charge, but you do have to go buy batteries. Also most toys will not indicate when the battery is low, it will just die. And no one wants that interruption during sexy time.

Rechargeable toys, more often than not are completely waterproof, which makes them easier to clean and give you more possibilities for use. Lots of them will have an indicator light for when the charge runs low. Depending on the toy, charge time with range from half an hour up to about six hours. But you never have to worry about buying batteries.

Electronic toys come in more flavours than just vibrate. Pulsation, thrusting, suction, “licking”, are all options and toy manufacturers are just going to keep getting more creative with the tiny motors they can come up with.

For Vagina Owners

Lucky for you, you have the most options. You just have to choose the stimulation you like. Shallow internal/G-Spot, deep internal/A-spot (more commonly known as the “deep G-spot”), external/clitoral, or dual.

Internal toys can be used externally, but external toys should not be used internally.

Toys come in so many shapes and sizes. Small, large, short, long, think, thick, realistic, unrealistic, colourful, skin tone, smooth, textured, you name it!

If you want to go for a rabbit style, or a dual stimulation vibrator, I recommend one with two motors and the ability to control them individually so you can play around and find exactly the vibe you like.

If vibration isn’t your style, dildos are a classic and a great addition to anyone’s nightstand.

For Penis Owners

You may think there are no options for you, but toy manufacturers are coming up with more male toys all the time.

The main thing for you to keep in mind is finding toys that are easy to clean.

Everyone has heard of Fleshlights by now and think that is the only toy for men, but male vibrators are coming into the spotlight.

Men seem to have an odd aversion to vibration, but try to keep an open mind.

And remember, your penis isn’t your only pleasure centre. Your G-spot is in your butt gentleman!


For Your Butt

Males, your prostate is your G-spot, and there are plenty of anal prostate toys that are designed just for you. The prostate is said to produce more intense orgasms. However I wouldn’t know, on account of I don’t have a prostate.

Females, you have a bunch of nerve endings in that area too, and can most definitely generate orgasms this way.

The important thing to remember is that you can’t just use anything as an anal toy. Anything that is being used anally needs to have a flared base. This is because you can actually lose items inside your body. Scary I know!

Toy Care

Now that you have picked the toy that is best for you, you need to know how to take care of it.

If you are using lube with a silicone toy, the lube must be water based because silicone lube will degrade the material of the silicone toy and that’s not good for the toy or for your body. Other materials are fine to use with the lube of your choice. I recommend staying away from oil based lube at all times because it can cause infections and it breaks through condoms.

There are plenty toy specific cleaning products you can buy, if you don’t have any on hand, here’s what you can do with some unscented anti-bacterial soap.

If your toy is not waterproof, use a warm soapy washcloth and wipe it down.

If your toy is waterproof. You can rinse and submerge your toy in warm water to wash with soap, and towel dry or leave to air dry.

If your toy does not contain electronic components, you can boil them for five to ten minutes or put them in the dishwasher without soap.

Try to clean your toys after each use, and keep toys in a clean place.

Try not to charge them more than necessary to prolong battery life.

Happy Shopping!