Ascend 1

31 Jul

I always want to give Jimmy Jane good reviews, because I think their products are creative and unique and beautiful. The materials are great, and the designs are well thought out (for the most part.)

But unfortunately, I have yet to find one of their products that work for me.

The Ascend 1 is simple and elegant. The soft silicone is enticing to the touch, and the simple one button control works for something so sleek, even though I usually prefer more buttons.

It’s like a pretty little skipping stone, ready to take you out to a sea of pleasure!

But unfortunately, this toy didn’t even get me off the shore.

The vibration is very buzzy and honestly just left my genitals annoyed.

If Jimmy Jane could keep their exteriors, and switch out the motors, their toys could be serious winners for me.

But alas.

So I can’t personally recommend this toy to anyone, but if you know that strong buzzing works for you, or you’ve enjoyed Jimmy Jane products in the past and want a smaller option, this one might be great for you.

*This Ascend 1 was sent to me by Jimmy Jane in exchange for my honest review*