Iroha Temari

27 Feb

I’m a sucker for cute travel-friendly toys. I don’t know why as I will always bring multiple and full-sized toys with me just about anywhere, but I like the idea. 

Especially something self-contained that you don’t need a special case or pouch for. So this little guy checks all the boxes. 

I think the designs are fun and cute although not necessarily my aesthetic, but that’s not a big deal. 

I was genuinely surprised by how powerful this toy was. I would honestly put it about on par with the Magic Wand, but with a faster frequency. 

It’s not buzzy by any means, it’s just a fast rumble. 

Which my genitals don’t seem to like much. 

I really think this could be a great toy for someone else though. If you like power, and a firmer toy. The outer silicone is buttery smooth though! 

My only real critique is that I wish the lid had some sort of power override or something. Because with the button being exposed on the bottom, this little guy could easily be turned on in a suitcase or bag.

All in all, a good little toy. Just not a favourite of mine.

*Thank you to Tenga for sending me this product in exchange for my review