Jack Rabbit

02 Jan

This, what I consider classic, Rabbit viberator has different controls for the shaft and the clit vibe, is waterproof and battery powered. The internal stimulating shaft rotates, or swivels inside the user for a very interesting sensation. 

Right off the bat I found a major red flag. There is no description on the packaging or CalExotics’ website of what materials this toy is made out of and it gives off a strong rubber smell, so I tested it with a condom on. (This is a great way to safely use your cheaper, potentially non-body safe toys). 

The fluttering bunny ears on the clitoral vibe had much more oomf than expected, and reached my clitorus without any adjusting. 

The swiveling shaft and spinning beads, however made this a very interesting experience, but not in the way you would think. It felt great, don’t get me wrong, but this toy is actually impossible to orgasm with. 

I guess the motor has an automatic shut off if something is preventing it from spinning so that nothing gets jammed or broken. The contracting of my pelvic floor muscles (which is what happens when you orgasm) triggers the auto-shut off. 

So this toy is essentially useless if you ask me. For for warm up or foreplay maybe, but I prefer toys that can finish the job. 

I’m honestly not sure who this would work for, I do not recommend it at all.