Queen Bee by Hot Octopus

09 Apr

This review has been so hard to write because I really wanted to keep an open mind about this toy. 

Generally aside from fantasy dildos, I like my sex toys to look like sex toys. And I don’t think I have the body for oscillators. 

The oscillating toothbrush looking Zumio X and S didn't work for me. And now I'm faced with this hairbrush looking thing... Which makes the toothbrush look like a million bucks. 

After months of curiosity and scepticism, Hot Octopus was nice enough to send me the Queen Bee to review. 

And I am honestly at a loss for words. 

The Queen Bee is big and bulky and hard and loud and ugly and does absolutely nothing. 


It wasn't stimulating. It wasn't even annoying. 

It did nothing for me. I might as well have rubbed an actual hairbrush on my vulva. 

I wish I had another toy that I could compare it to, but it was such a unique experience that it really stands on its own. 

Maybe if you're looking for something big and wand-like but like really really mild stimulation, this toy might be good for you. But I honestly doubt it. 

I believe that every toy works for someone, and I can usually recommend giving a toy a shot if you think it might be right for you even if it didn’t work for me. But I really have to give this one a hard pass. Just don’t bother. 

*Thanks again to Hot Octopus for sending me this toy in exchange for my honest opinion*