Rocks-Off EveryGirl

07 Jun

I'm pretty sure if you're the majority of vibrator users you prefer rumbly vibrations to buzzy vibrations. Myself included. Usually if a toy is buzzy I'll try it once, be horribly disappointed and it goes straight into my 'duds' box. 

But this buzzy little guy is still in my nightstand. I'll admit not my go-to. But I have to say it surprised me. 

When I turned it on I fiddled my way through the settings. Pleased by the independently controlled motors, (something I think all rabbit vibes should have) but concerned by the buzziness. 

I tried to keep an open mind as I put this blue silicone light up rabbit to use. At first I was met with the usual dissatisfaction of the buzz. Until all of a sudden I realized "wait this feels good!" And before I knew it, I was done. 

Confused and satisfied, I cleaned this waterproof toy with my favourite toy cleaner and put it in my nightstand without even a thought of my dud box filled with buzzy vibes. 

I think if you're looking for a cheaper rabbit vibe and your open to a little buzz this could be a good toy for you. 

My only complaint is the controls aren't entirely intuitive, but I'm sure you can get used to it. 

*this EveryGirl was given to me by Rocks Off in exchange for my honest review*