Sqweel Go

06 Feb

How could I not test this thing out? I was very intrigued with the little spinning wheel of tongues. 

Now, I did manage to get an orgasm out of this thing, but I think that my clit just likes new sensations because I can cum from anything once. That's why I like to get in a few uses before really deciding if I like a toy or not. 

This toy is a pretty even 50/50 for me. 

It's definitely a unique sensation. Not like oral sex like the little tongues suggest. But it's nice. 

When I did manage to orgasm with the Sqweel Go, it was in combination with the Pride Dildo

Now I'm not saying that every toy needs to be the thing that helps you finish. This is a great little teaser toy. Good for self foreplay. 

But one of the biggest buzz kills, is that you need to make sure the wheel is coated in lube, making clean up a bit of a chore. Which I'm not entirely sure is worth it for a toy that's just there for warm-up. 

But all in all, I think it's a fun addition to the toy box if you already have some stuff you like. 

You can Buy the SQWEEL GO at SheVibe, PeepShow, or Early to Bed