Tantus Steam Hunk Super Soft

08 Jan

My new dildo obsession has been soft squishy silicone in weird shapes. Fantasy dildoes, creative dildoes, fun textures. Really, anything that’s not just a plain penis shape. 

Having admired Tantus for a while, I asked for a Steam Hunk Super Soft which they sent me in exchange for my honest review. 

Right off the bat, the dildo was bigger than I anticipated. Surprise surprise! (If you’ve been around for a review or two you know that despite my best efforts and a measuring tape in my desk drawer, I’m terrible at gauging dildo dimensions.)

The second thing I noticed was the beautiful copper colour. Perfect for something industrial looking called the Steam Hunk. 

Upon taking the toy out of the box, I was disappointed to realize that the super soft was, in fact, quite firm. Like regular dildo firm. I would hate to know what Tantus' regular density feels like. Rocks?

I of course still wanted to give the toy a fair shot but in its not super soft at all firmness, it is too large for me. Alas, this aspiring size queen really does require the squish that other brands and toy makers offer. 

The sculpt is beautiful and I believe I could have liked it if it was softer or smaller, because the texturing looks great. I do know I'm not personally a fan of large heads like this, but some people love it for the G-Spot stimulation.

This is by no means a bad toy, as I’m sure it’s just the right size and firmness for someone out there. I just feel like this one is simply misrepresented and misleading in it’s naming and therefore not reaching it's desired demographic. 

*Thank you again to Tantus for sending me this toy

If you think this toy might be right for you, you can purchace it HERE.

*Thank you again to Tantus for sending me this toy