Tease and Please Collection

25 Jun

This box set includes a We-Vibe Sync, and a Womanizer Premium. I recived the limited edition all black version. 

Womanizer Premium

I have to admit, I am a big Womanizer fan. I’ve had a Womanizer Pro since before I started this blog and I use it just about every day. The Premium though is new and sleek and shiny. The Premium is waterproof and has a really cool touch-activated function where the air pulsation only works when the device comes in contact with skin. 

I was really excited to lay down with this toy and test it out. But I just don’t think it’s meant to be. I found the opening too small and hard to position. The air pulse toys I’m used to are a bit more all-encompassing. This toy comes with two different sized nozzles, but I honestly didn’t find a difference. 

I really wanted to find a way to make this toy work, but I just couldn’t. I’d experience a bit of a teasing type sensation but overall it just wasn’t right for my anatomy to take me all the way. This also means I did not get to truly experience the Autopilot function which essentialls gives you random intensities to keep you on your toes. 

I think it’s a really well-constructed toy, just not for me. 

We-Vibe Sync

Full disclosure, I would love to take this thing out in public and let someone control it for me, but as the world is just now opening back up, I might add an edit to this review later. 

I have used quite a few We-Vibe products in the past, but this one I’ve had the least issue with Bluetooth wise. It connected to the app almost instantly and I have yet to have a problem with the connection dropping. 

The Sync has two joints to make placement and fit more customisable, but I honestly didn’t even think about it. I just put the toy on/in and it just sat comfortably. Definitely curious to see how it works walking around. (Again, I supposed I’ll have to add an edit later, but I didn’t want to wait for everything to be open again to post this review.) 

Something that did surprise me though was a function I had no idea they added. The ability to set a maxim intensity. So if someone else is controlling your vibe, it won’t go to the point of uncomfortable for the wearer. However the default setting it comes with was very mild and I was concerned that one of my beloved brands was downgrading their motors on me. But now that I know about this setting, I think it’s absolutely brilliant and the motor does in fact have a good range of intensity. 

A minor complaint I have is that it’s very hard to watch porn on the same device that you’re using to control your toy. I’ve recently become one of the people that likes to bump my toy up a notch as I’m about to orgasm, but you really cannot do that if you have to exit your porn app/web browser and go to the we-vibe app. So I’ll need multiple devices if I want to use this one solo. 

I love the quality of the vibration and the We-Vibe Sync is one of the only toys I actually enjoy using the patterns. 

This one is a win for me.


I'm realizing now just as I'm uploading this review that the collection is true to it's name... the Womanizer Premium teased, and the We-Vibe Sync pleased. 

I really do think this is a great collection and it would make a great gift or a treat for yourself. 

*Thank you so much to WOWTech for sending me this collection to review.