Tenga Flip Zero EV Black

11 Dec

I don't think I’ve ever heard my boyfriend speak so highly of a sex toy.

Thank you to Tenga for sending me one of their new Flip Zero EV (Electronic Version) Black to review. Well, for my partner to review because I don’t have a penis.

Full disclosure: my partner had never tried a male masturbation sleeve before so I purchased him a Fleshlight (modelled after his favourite porn star) for comparison. Because the Tenga Flip Holes are no regular masturbation sleeves.

I’m happy to report that he loved the Flip Zero even more than I thought he would!

Compared to the anatomy of a real vagina, the texturing does not match as well as a traditional Fleshlight. But that’s not to say it doesn’t feel amazing.

What surprised me the most was how much he loved the vibration. He usually isn’t thrilled by it. But he loves every single setting on this toy. Patterns and all.

What really sets this toy aside from others like it is how it opens to clean it. Other sleeves you have to flip inside out to wash run the risk of tearing. This one is zero hassle. Maybe that’s what the zero stands for?

If you are someone that’s worried about keeping your text toys hidden, this one is perfect. It looks so unassuming you can leave it right out in the open and it seriously looks like a Bluetooth speaker. Which is really nice for a toy so large, given that it might not fit in all hiding spots or draws.

He really could not point out a single con. Vibration on or off, this toy is a complete winner.

I know the price tag can be bit daunting, but I feel confident saying it's worth it to invest in this toy. 

*Thank you again to Tenga for sending me this product.