Tenga Iroha RIN

06 Feb

I know the importance of finding quality toys on a budget. Sometimes we can't afford the $200 vibrator. So I love that Tenga is making affordable quality vibes with their Iroha line. 

They sent me the RIN to review and I was very excited because I loved their Zen

Made with the same motor and soft silicone, this little battery powered toy offers gentle rumbly vibrations in a nice small, comfortable size for insertion or external use. 

What makes this one different is the smooth shaft and round tip which is completely squishy silicone. The vibrating motor stops before the bulb. So through this soft tip, the vibrations are significantly muffled. 

For me, the muffled vibrations, even on the highest setting are not enough for clitoral stimulation. But inserted, the vibrations are focused at the vaginal opening, which is pleasant and can be very useful for teasing. 

I’m not really one for massaging g-spot stimulation, so I’m not sure if this squishy tip would quite hit the spot. 

For me, this is not a toy that I will be reaching for, but I will recommend it for beginners, people who like soft vibrations and those whole prefer a smaller diameter. 

*Thank you again to Tenga for sending me this product in exchange for my honest review.